Ximerono has access to one of the best infrastructures that may be offered in the field of Software outsourcing.

Ximerono has State-of-art office that can accommodate team size of 10 resources and the best thing is that it is further expandable as per the requirements. The office is fully furnished and deployed with latest lab environment, required for software system development.
  • Secured dedicated broadband network round the clock.
  • Giga speed switched network.
  • Uninterrupted power supply for seamless operations.
  • Dedicated virtual environments for development.

Hardware Setup

  • Latest DELL workstation and Laptops
  • State-of-art high end servers
  • Expandable network infrastructure.

Software Setup

  • Windows XP/7/10
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Visual studio 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2008 professional
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2010 professional
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2015 enterprise
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2017 enterprise
  • Oracle 10g/11g/12g
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Office 2017
  • Microsoft Project 2007
  • Microstation-V8 XM with SDK
  • Altova Products.
  • Remote VSS Access.

Ximerono has access to arrange any type of hardware/software resource as per customer requirement. Additional charges may apply as required.

At Ximerono, we do not believe in just giving a solution, instead a proper solution, and a comprehensive support. We also believe in continuously improving our services from feedback received from the clients.