Our Services

Scientific Instrumentation

Ximerono offers a number of services in interfacing of instruments in socio technical systems. We provide a complete range of product lifecycle including research and evaluation, Framework design, Hardware design, verification and validation, reengineering and maintenance across various domains.   

Confident in abilities in coding and programming, Ximerono develops rare expertise in instrument interfacing and firmware development, a grey area of industry participants.

Our team offers end-to-end development efforts for your custom instruments. Starting out with identifying your unique requirements, we design your hardware specifications and align our development efforts to these specifications. We ensure that your instrument is thoroughly tested for quality and calibrated well.

We are expert in
  • Embedded software
  • Interfacing using USB/COM
  • PIC Microcontroller based smart systems

Research Data Processing

Ximerono offers a rare expertise in service of research data analysis. We offer a range of customized software in order to process a huge amount of research data and to generate generalized report. We ensure this expertise in various domains like
  • Astronomical data processing & analysis
  • Medical data processing & analysis
  • Market research of post-sale data