Our Services
Air Navigation Development Services – Ximerono provides services for Air Navigation Laboratory of IDS (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi), Italy. Our expert team provides technical collaboration with IDS on various product lines in Air Navigation –
  • Charting,
  • AIXM,
  • Air Navigation Data Management
  • Procedure Designing etc.

Collaborative Product Development - The selection and measurement of an R&D and product development vendor include parameters like Architecture capability, ability to develop products from concept, intangibles of product like usability, performance, architecture stability, product shelf life, product technology maturity, cost of product, cost of product development, collaboration with existing R&D team etc. Ximerono has been key player in the area of product development offering services throughout the life cycle.

Requirement elicitation and training - One of the challenges in product development is to transform market needs into product features which have high usability. The first challenge is to understand completely how the end user, product management team sees the product and help in articulation of these features and vision in such a way that all the stake holders can understand it unambiguously. Ximerono’s product analysts are trained to follow interviewing techniques, requirements elicitation techniques, storyboarding, use case modelling, etc.

R&D and distributed Product Development – Ximerono’s working model combines teams at ISV’s location and teams at Ximerono’s development centre, coupled with an offshore team, to maximize the success rate and balance the cost of product development.

Web Presence – Ximerono’s new approach to take your business to the web is known as web presence. We are determined in this approach that helps our customers to utilize the latest technological advancements and turn them to show in their profits.